2016 Oscar Red Carpet Trends

It was clear the moment the Oscar nominees were announced back in January, that this was going to be a polarizing show. The lack of diversity amongst the nominees for the 88th Academy Awards left celebrities divided. As Chris Rock mentioned in his opening monologue, Jada Pinkett Smith decided to boycott the show, while other celebrities such as Stacey Dash, also featured in the opening monologue, were outraged at the boycott.

Purposeful or not, this season’s Oscar trend is as simple as black and white. Literally, the most common colors featured at the Oscars were black and white dresses.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.53.51 PM
Kerry Washington embraces the black and white trend wearing Versace

A-list celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore and numerous others looked dashing in black on the red carpet this evening.

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Other celebs such as Olivia Wilde, Rooney Mara and even Lady Gaga embraced the other side of the color wheel and dressed in white.

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While most celebrities shined in black and white, there where a few that dared to try bold colors.  Unfortunately for Heidi Klum, this risk did not pay off.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.55.00 PM
Heidi Klum wearing Marchesa

So there you have it, a rather monochromatic yet elegant red carpet. Overall, the fashion this evening was phenomenal except for a few low notes (sorry Heidi).

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 10.54.28 PM.png

Who wore it better? #oscars #heidiklum

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Georgetown Cabaret 2016

As I was sitting around on a typical Thursday afternoon, I came across this tweet:

As an avid music listener, and current Georgetown student, I was intrigued. So, like any good journalism student, I followed the story, and took an uber to the show.


So what exactly is Cabaret?

Way back in the 1970s a group of Georgetown students decided to have a variety talent show in Darnall Hall! Although the thought of hundreds of students cramming into a freshmen dorm to listen to rock music sounds strange, the show took place this year at the Black Cat on U street.

12716324_10208620256773190_8528923778379174106_oGeorgetown Cabaret shows off Georgetown University’s best rockers and has been around for over 40 years! This year the show featured ten vocalists, including members of three different a cappella groups. In addition to the singers, there were two guitarists, three saxophonists, two drummers, a bassist and a keyboardist! The musicians played a variety of songs ranging from recent pop songs to classic oldies.

That $12 ticket I paid not only allowed me to experience a great show, but it also went to charity. The proceeds of Cabaret benefited Virginia Music Adventures, a nonprofit that sponsors educational and international experiences for middle and high school jazz musicians. These young musicians keep jazz alive by acting as ambassadors that help educate the world about America’s unique musical art form.

Georgetown sophomore Lauren Paik attended the show, and even stood in the front row (pictured below). When asked about Cabaret, she instantly began to smile.

“I loved Cabaret this year! The music was great and the show was really fun. I think Georgetown gets a bad rep sometimes for being uptight and stressful, but stuff like this reminds me that Georgetown students can rock! There were some really talented musicians up on that stage tonight.”

So there you have it, Georgetown Cabaret 2016. Keep on rocking Georgetown!

Cherry Tree Massacre

I had the pleasure to view my fellow classmate Jane Mikus’s video she made about the 43rd annual Cherry Tree Massacre hosted by the Georgetown Chimes. Cherry Tree Massacre is the largest collegiate a cappella festival on the east coast. Hosted in Georgetown University’s historic Gaston Hall, the festival will feature all of Georgetown’s a cappella groups as well as visiting groups from across the country. Check out Jane’s video below!

Dates and Performers

  • Friday, February 5th – Georgetown Capitol G’s, Georgetown Chamber Singers, Georgetown GraceNotes, Georgetown Superfood, JMU Overtones
  • Saturday, February 6th – Georgetown Phantoms, Georgetown R.E.L., Georgetown Saxatones, GW Sirens, Duke Speak of the Devil
  • Friday, February 12th – Georgetown Saxatones, Georgetown Superfood, Georgetown Capitol G’s, Richmond Sirens
  • Saturday, February 27th (Alumni Show) – Georgetown Gracenotes, Georgetown Phantoms, UVA Sil’hooettes, UMD Generics, JHU Octopedes



Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl 50 halftime show tonight was, in my opinion, the BEST show I have ever seen! Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the actual football game (still bitter about the Patriots’ recent loss). The commercials were subpar at best and the game was low scoring, but the halftime show did not disappoint!


The show opened with Coldplay’s classics “Yellow” and “Viva la Vida” on the coolest stage ever. Coldplay brought a level of musicality and passion that past halftime shows have lacked. What made this show great was that it was musically harmonious and visually stunning. Just look at this stage, the entire thing lights up!


After lead singer Chris Martin jumped around a bit and sang “Paradise” the show quickly transitioned to their most recent hit “Adventure of a Lifetime,” complete with marching band and cool flower umbrella dancers.


Bruno Mars made an appearance to sing his party anthem “Uptown Funk,” but of course neither Bruno nor Coldplay could compare to Beyonce tonight. They don’t call her Queen B for nothing. Beyonce’s performance tonight was, in true Beyonce fashion, FLAWLESS. Even after she almost fell over in her opening dance sequence, she sang her heart out and somehow made this strange mix of artist work.


The show concluded with a heartwarming tribute to past half time performers (sadly Left Shark was not among the honorees). With all three artists belting out Coldplay’s “Up & Up,” the stadium transformed into a rainbow arena with signs spelling out “Believe in Love.”

Who would have thought that the unlikely group of Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce would pull it off, but they did it with flying colors! It was an outstanding show that left everyone feeling happy and loved and I am so happy I watched it!

The Bachelor Podcast

It probably comes as no surprise to you that I am a HUGE Bachelor fan. Listen to my podcast below to here my thoughts on this season:






That wraps up this bachelor podcast today, thanks for listing and stay tuned for my next recap soon!