My name is Tori Forelli and I started this blog to collect memories and inspiration. As many of you know, creative minds are rarely tidy, and my mind, like this blog, is bursting with creativity.

I have lived my entire life in Carlisle, a tiny town in Massachusetts, with my parents, my three siblings and my dog. My parents both attended Dartmouth College, my older brother Jackson graduated from Union College last spring, my older sister Ali will graduate from Harvard University this spring, and my younger brother Patrick is a junior in high school. I love spending time with my family in Carlisle and taking my dog Thunder for walks in the woods.

I am currently living in Washington DC and am a sophomore at Georgetown University.  I am an Economics major and thinking about pursuing a minor in journalism. Although I am not quite sure yet what I want to be when I grow up, I like journalism and media and would like to have a job where I work collaboratively with others.

I absolutely love singing, and am a member of an all-female a cappella group the Georgetown GraceNotes. This semester I am the business manager and handle the budget for the group. Above is a video us at our last concert (yes that is me singing the solo!)

In my free time I enjoy knitting, sewing, and all things crafty. All the images above are of things I have created, from dresses to quilts to knit sweaters.

tori jump

I hope to explore my passion for media and journalism this semester and would love to continue to grow this blog and learn different digital news techniques. In the meantime I will keep exploring, creating and collecting inspiration & memories!


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