Study Abroad: Conclusion

To the city that stole my heart, you will be missed. Although I don’t know when we will meet again, I think a little piece of me will always be in Edinburgh. I adore this city and all it has to offer and it breaks my heart knowing that I must leave it.


Ok so this post marks the official end of my study abroad journey. I can’t believe that my time abroad is coming to a close, but I am excited that I got the most out of my my last few weeks here!

In that past 4 months I have traveled to 11 different countries: France, Austria, The UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy and Spain!


I have learned so much in just under four months in Scotland. I can confidently say that now I can…

  1. Hear different “British” accents and have some idea where they are from.
  2. Successfully pack 4 days worth of clothing in a small carry-on backpack
  3. Navigate through the Edinburgh airport early in the morning
  4. Cook for myself- sort of- still working on that one
  5. Cross streets in the UK by looking Right then Left
  6. Get creative with my limited wardrobe
  7. Search for cheap flights on skyscanner like a boss
  8. Budget my money
  9. Navigate through new cities with the help of google maps offline areas
  10. adapt to the UK school system


IMG_0740.JPGNow, clearly I am no expert on all things study abroad, but my time in Scotland has given me a new perspective. This semester has helped me take a step back from the Georgetown bubble and reevaluate what is really important to me. I have gotten to experience things I never imagined I would and met some amazing people along the way.

Thanks for keeping up with me on my crazy Scottish adventures!

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