Day Trip 4: Ferney-Voltaire, France

On Saturday we decided to venture out of Switzerland into France for a little fun!


After only a 30 minute bus ride we crossed the border into the quaint french town of Ferney-Voltaire. We spent the next several hours exploring the world famous farmer’s market and eating tons of free samples.

I struggled to remember my Middle School level french, but managed to kind of communicate with the vendors. After a few failed attempts to ask questions in broken french, most of the vendors spoke English to me, but at least I tried!

With only 3 euros to my name, I set out to accomplish the classic french market lunch- bread and cheese!


Being the bargain hunter that I am, I somehow managed to barter with one of the vendors (in French!) and got brie cheese and a fresh baguette for only 2.70 euros!

Pro Tip: All prices are always negotiable, even in France, so be confident and try your hand at some good old-fashioned bartering, who knows, you might save some money!

After a successful french lunch, we headed back to Geneva to explore the city for one last time before we sent off for Italy the next morning!

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