Things No One Tells You About Studying Abroad in the UK

Ok, so I’ll admit that most study abroad blogs (mine included) focus on the beautiful, crazy, amazing adventures and glorify studying abroad. Yes, I have loved my time abroad, but there are a few things that most people gloss over when writing their blogs. So here is a list of things no one tells you about studying abroad in the UK:

  • There is a lot of planning involved- you don’t just magically go places on weekends, it is up to you to sort out all the details about transportation, lodging, food and so on- Google docs and skyscanner will become your best friends!
  • You actually have to study- yes as silly as that sounds, you will always be a student first and a world traveler second.
  • You will need to seriously budget your money- know your preferred method of payment and check with your bank about foreign transactions fees, these can really add up
  • You will miss things at home- just because you aren’t there doesn’t mean that your friends and family pause their lives. You will miss family holidays and school events and that can make you very homesick
  • Senior Housing- you will have to sign leases while abroad and it can get very complicated
  • Coordinating with friends in different countries is hard, but make time to do it
  • It is ok to be homesick and it is also ok to not want to go home
  • It can get really cold here really fast- remember a warm coat or two
  • Don’t expect to become an expert in four months- take your time being a tourist and don’t be ashamed of it
  • Planning on celebrating Thanksgiving with some good old pumpkin pie? think again, it is extremely difficult to find canned pumpkin in the UK
  • You will never get used to how early the sun sets in the winter
  • Cross the street will always be a dangerous adventure- they drive on the other side of the road remember
  • Even if the UK seems similar to the US culture wise, the UK school system is much different!

Well those where just a few little tips that I think are helpful for anyone planning on studying abroad in the UK. But don’t let this scare you, I have had a fantastic time in Edinburgh so far and wouldn’t change it for the world!

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