London Calling

This weekend I traveled to London!

London is a BIG city, in fact it is the biggest city in all of Europe. After 2 1/2 days I walked a total of 35 miles all over London. My feet are killing me, but I had a blast this weekend!

I got to London on a rainy Friday afternoon so I took the time to do some indoor sightseeing.


The British Museum

This was by far the coolest museum I have ever been to! It was a dry space away from the english rain and so much more! I could have spent hours there if I had the time.

The British Library

This is not your typical library. It houses more than 150 million books as well as many original manuscripts  such as Jane Austin’s Persuasion and Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.


Saturday proved to be a beautifully sunny day! Yes, I even put my sunglasses to good use walking around the city. And boy did I walk, wanting to be outside as much as possible I opted to walk everywhere on Saturday rather than use the underground metro. In total I walked 14 miles!

The Many Colleges of London

London is full of Universities! University College of London,The London School Of Economics and King’s College to name a few!

The Royal Exchange


Being the economics major that I am, I had to visit the Royal Exchange. I am sure that some day I will understand what really goes on behind those doors, but until then I think I should take a few more classes to clear up my confusion 🙂

St. James’s Palace


This red brick palace was more modest than Buckingham, but just as interesting. And I captured the famous London black taxi in my photo!

Covent Garden Market


This market was full of handmade crafts and delicious foods! Like many parts of London it was decorated in true Christmas fashion.

Somerset Palace

I walked through the Somerset Palace courtyard while Christmas preparations were underway. They were in the process of hanging ornaments on the massive tree and construction an iceskating rink!

Guildhall Yard


Home to a church, an art gallery, and many, many Union Jacks! I loved walking around Guildhall Yard and taking in the true culture of London!

Big Ben

If you didn’t take a picture with Big Ben or a red phone booth did you even go to London? Well I took many pictures with both! Rain, shine, night, day, Big Ben was just as beautiful as ever!

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, home to almost every royal wedding ever was huge! I had no idea how large it was and seeing it in person was an experience like non other.

Buckingham Palace

Touring my future home was great! But seriously this palace was grander than I ever imagined! Fun fact- the union jack flag (pictured above) only flies when the Queen is NOT at home!

The Tower Bridge

Walking across this bridge was very windy, but beautiful! I couldn’t resist taking a selfie with the bridge!

The Tower of London


The tower of London, more like the fortress of London! I had a blast walking around these ancient buildings!

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Although I did not pay the entrance fee, the outside of St. Paul’s Cathedral was amazing!

Guy Fawkes Fireworks

Remember, remember, the 5th of November! Saturday night I watched the Guy Fawkes firework display from a park near my hostel. It felt just like the 4th of July, except much, much, colder!


Sunday was jam-packed with a few last London activities before I traveled by train to Cambridge for the day and then all the way back to Edinburgh!


Although I got there before the store was actually open, I was blown away with Harrods! It’s Christmas decorations and window displays were so fun and festive!

The Victoria and Albert Museum


This museum, in honor of my namesake, Queen Victoria, was stunning, from the outside at least. I did not get the chance to actually go inside, but if I had more time I would!

Hide Park

I can think of no better way to spend a sunny Sunday morning in London than walking from Hide Park. I walked along the edge of the pond and watched the swans and ducks soak up the sun.

Wellington Arch 


I came across this arch as I was strolling through the park and thought of Paris!

The London Eye

The London eye was my favorite part of my weekend trip! After walking around a majority of the city for the past 3 days it was amazing to see all of London from above. I went in the morning right as it was opening so I barley had to wait in a line and the sun was shinning down on the city.

So that was my whirlwind of a London weekend trip! Stay tuned for my next day trip post about my trip to Cambridge!



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