Day Trip 3: Cambridge

On Sunday I took a day trip to Cambridge before I had to head back to Edinburgh that night.It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of London city life. On the hour long train ride from King’s Cross to Cambridge station I had time to reflect on my weekend and take a much needed nap.

Before I talk about my train journey, let’s talk about world famous King’s Cross station.  Yes I saw platform 9 3/4 and all the magic is has to offer. There is even a Harry Potter gift shop next to the platform with a wand shop resembling Olivanders. I had a blast being transported into the magical world of Harry Potter even if just for a few minutes before hoping on my train.

So back to the Train:

There is something so peaceful about traveling through the English countryside on a train. I even was inspired to read a few more chapters of Jane Austin’s Sense and Sensibility before I dozed off to sleep. After more than two months abroad, having taken subways, buses, train, planes and even a few boats, traveling by train is by far my favorite!

Enough about locomotives, when I arrived in Cambridge it was unfortunately raining heavily. Now I am no stranger to the rain, but this rain was something else. I even had to abandon my umbrella efforts at some points during the day due to the combination of freezing rain and gusting winds. But despite the ‘typical’ English weather, I persevered and started off the day explore the most beautiful University on earth!


With no map and no clear plan for the day, I call this section “Tori’s All-Access Guide to Cambridge” also known as the “walk through the open door and see what is on the other side” exploring method. I was very successful with this plan of attack, because most the the doors and archways I randomly walked through lead to spectacular courtyards and buildings.

Sorry Georgetown, step aside, because Cambridge, even in the rain, was breathtaking. The winding streets with little shops in combination with the regal buildings and fall foliage was amazing.Cambridge University is made up of 31 colleges dispersed all over the little town each with a self-contained courtyard and garden area.

After a beautiful walk across an old bridge above the River Cam, I strolled through a little park area. I couldn’t help but get inspired in Cambridge, I mean how could you not in such a beautiful place! I imagined all the brilliant people who studied here and all the geniuses to come.


I absolutely loved my visit to Cambridge, and who knows when I will be back, there is always grad school right?






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