Day Trip 2: Malmo, Sweden

Surprise a double blog post!

Like I said in my previous post, the weekend did not end in Denmark. After less than a 20 minute train ride I arrived in Malmo, Sweden for a fun filled day before my departure back to Scotland!

Malmo was full of amazing places, here are just the few things I managed to see in my day trip:



Although only a 20 minute train ride away, this Swedish garden could not have been more different from the Danish garden I saw the day before. The plants were not in straight rows as they were in Denmark, rather they were almost growing wild which added to the feeling of natural beauty. The crooked picket fences created a cozy atmosphere that was welcoming and homey.



I know what you are thinking, no I did not hope countries to the Netherlands! This Swedish windmill was just so beautiful I HAD  to take a picture with it!

Malmo Castle

I clearly picked a great day to visit Malmo, because entrance to the Castle was free! I spent hours exploring the different exhibits from the aquarium to the repurposed fashion design section to the modern art exhibit.

Lilla Torg

I had lunch at a little cafe in Lilla Torg, a cute pedestrian shopping street in the city. I loved walking around and looking at all the old-school  architecture, but couldn’t help but wonder when the Scandinavian Ikea style I had come to expect in Sweden would appear.

Turning Torso

This neo-futurist building was exactly the dose of IKEA style I needed! This residential tower reaches a height of 623 ft with 54 storeys and 147 apartments. Although only residents have access to the building, looking at this architectural masterpiece from a far was just as amazing.


We ended the day at Scaniaparken, a park right on the edge of the water. We sat down on the doc for some time and just took in the view of the ocean. The Baltic Sea was breathtaking and I could not have been more at ease in that moment. After a quick train back to the airport, I set off back to Edinburgh.

As I was flying back to Edinburgh I had some time to reflect on my adventures so far. It is crazy for me to think back to that day in August when I left my home in Massachusetts. In a little over a month I have traveled to 6 countries and numerous places within Scotland. I feel more self-reliant, more confident and much more at home than I ever expected to feel in such a short period of time.

I am excited for my upcoming adventures and will be sure to fill you in on all the good stuff as usual!


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