Freshers’ Week at Edinburgh

Greetings from across the pond!

After a crazy first week in Scotland, I have finally had some down time to sit down (in a cafe obviously) and write this blog post!

I arrived in Edinburgh a little over a week and half ago with my mom and sister. We got to explore the city for a couple of days before my orientation started and scope out the University campus. I had so much fun walking around Edinburgh, here is a few things we did together.

  1. Arthur’s Seat

    this extinct volcano right on the edge of Edinburgh was an amazing walk with breathtaking views (even though it was  a little rainy that day)

  2. The Elephant House

    This world famous cafe is where J.K Rowling started writing Harry Potter. The bathroom is graffitied with all sorts of Harry Potter quotes!

  3. Campus Tourimg_6253I felt like a freshmen again going on a college tour with my mom, but in the end I’m glad I took the time to walk around campus and get to know the area.
  4. Dorm Room Move in

    Huge shoutout to my mom and sister for helping me lug my giant suitcases up 7 flights of stairs.   

I am so thankful that my family was here to help me transition to Edinburgh. Moving across the world is one of the scariest things i have even done, and I would not have been able to do it without the help of my amazing family. I miss them everyday I am away from them, but I try to FaceTime or text them every chance I get!


So here is the scoop on University of Edinburgh Orientation: It is actually fun! Besides the necessary dorm meetings and academic talks, there are so many fun e vents to get new students to explore the city!

Here are all the events I went to: 

The Scotts Monument

yes I climbed that entire thing! It was VERY exhausting, but the view from the top was amazing!


Hop on Hop Off Bus

I had a great time seeing the city from the top of a double decker bus.

The Royal Mile: Saints and Sinners Tour

I now know the history of Edinburgh’s most famous street, The Royal Mile, as well as some conspiracy theories and ghost stories unique to Scotland!


The Edinburgh Dungeons

Part haunted house, part murder mystery, part rollercoaster, what happens in the dungeons, stays in the dungeons!


The Edinburgh Castle

The inspiration for the set of Game of Throne set atop yet another extinct volcano. Fun fact: Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn (pictured below)!

Carlton Hill

A stunning mix of nature and historic monuments, arguably one of the best views in Edinburgh.

I have had so much fun getting to know Scotland and I can’t wait to keep exploring!

stay posted for more blogs soon!



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