Road Trip Wrap Up

Well folks, we did it! We drove all the way across the country and finally made it to Seattle, WA!

We have learned so much this past week and want to pass on some tips and tricks for traveling cross-country. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to road trip in style:

When you see a gas station, fill up your tank!

gas station sign

Even if it is just a couple of gallons, it is better to be safe than sorry, who knows when you will see the next gas station (head up: it could be a long long time if you are in Wyoming)

If you are feeling tired, change up your soundtrack


We listened to Hamilton (several times), Taylor Swift, and a whole lot of One Direction.

Pack a cooler


Make sure you bring plenty of food! We brought a ton of apples, chips and pop corn.

If your hotel has free breakfast included, eat it! 


By day 2 or 3 we really got our mornings down to a science. Wake up, pack the car, and then go eat our free hotel breakfast! You can count on a decent waffle most places.

Take a bunch of pictures

Or even better, blog about your travels!

Visit Some Corny Billboard Attractions

The Mid West is full of billboards advertising the same few place over and over again, seriously there is a billboard for Wall Drug over 500 miles away from the actual store. We stopped by Wall Drug and the Corn Palace (both in  South Dakota) and had a blast! These stops don’t take that long and are usually right off the highway.

Buy a few small souvenirs to give to friends and family

Don’t go crazy and buy everything in the gift shop, but purchasing a few small things can be a great way to share your travels with others!

Clean your windshield when you get a chance

car wash

When traveling across the country, the windshield of your car will become a bug magnet, for the sake of the car window Instagram, clean it off! Or even better, go to car wash at the end of your journey and show your vehicle some love!


Thanks for following us on our journey across the country this summer, we had so much fun blogging along the way!

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