Road Trip: Day 6

On day 6 of our Road Trip Adventure, we woke up in chilly Big Sky, Montana, where it was a mere 39 degrees outside. We put our warmest sweatshirts on, loaded up the car, and got back on the road again, this time heading for Spokane, Washington.

After we were reunited with our favorite road, 90 West, which we have been traveling on this entire trip, we listened to the complete Hamilton soundtrack (again)! We drove through the northern part of Idaho, and after 7 hours we arrived in Spokane, Washington!!

We checked into our hotel and then set off to Liberty Lake for our mountain zip line tour! We had been looking forward to this activity all week and were very excited (and a little nervous) to go! After we arrived at the Mica Moon Zip Line office and went over some safety stuff, we set off to the mountain. Our guide drove us up a very bumpy (but fun!) mountain road in a van, and then we got out and put our helmets and harnesses on. Our guides then loaded us into UTVs and drove us up an ever bumpier but much more fun road to the top of the mountain. Think Indiana Jones – that’s basically how we travelled 🙂

We started off on some smaller, lower zip lines, later progressing to longer and higher ones. Each zip line had a fun name and story behind it, and our guides made us do some silly actives during our zips, like singing or dancing. In fear of dropping our phones and losing them forever, we did not take any pictures on our zip line tour, but check out this video below from the Mica Moon company!

The last two zip lines were our favorites. We were around 500 feet off the ground and potentially going 50 mph. The views from the zip lines were amazing! We had so much fun zipping around the mountain and totally recommend the Mica Moon tour!

After the tour we stopped at Chipotle and got some much needed dinner. We then headed back to the hotel and prepared for the last leg of our journey to Seattle.

Stay tuned for some posts about our time in Seattle as well as a behind the scenes look at what it really takes to drive across the country!



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