Road Trip: Day 4

Greetings fans! We have passed the halfway point of our Westward journey. Today, we left Hill City, SD and headed to Wyoming! So many sights to take pictures of 🙂

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We drove across the SD-WY border and into the Bighorn National Forest. After spotting some buffalo (Ali’s dream come true!), we drove over some mountains (Tori was too scared, so Ali took the wheel). We stopped for lunch at Shell Falls, since we obviously wanted to keep the waterfall trend alive.

We received numerous warning signs about the “very high” fire danger, which was a bit unnerving . However, the only things on fire were our snapstories 😉

We continued to Cody, WY to find our hotel for the night. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, our planned lodgings for the night turned out to be a trailer park ( can be misleading folks!). Luckily, a nearby Best Western had an open room, and we quickly relocated.

After resolving the stressful hotel situation, we ate a delicious dinner at The Millstone Pizza Company & Brewery in Cody. Real food is amazing (we have been living off our Trader Joe’s run from last Saturday in MA).

After dinner, we made our way to the famous Cody Nite Rodeo (did you know Cody is the rodeo capitol of the world?!). This rodeo was everything we ever dreamed of. Cowboys as far as the eye can see, cowgirls in sparkly pink outfits riding around with flag-style advertisements for local establishments, bucking horses, bucking bulls, and even some clowns. Our only regret was leaving our ten-gallon hats at home – we had to settle for some classic Western braids instead.

After some pre-rodeo rituals, including some bad jokes, a stadium-wide prayer (“It’s a shame prayer has been removed from our schools and government, but they can’t take it from our hearts” – Rodeo announcer), the National Anthem, and cowgirl horseback flag-advertising, the rodeo officially started. We were in awe of the cute cowboys who managed to hang onto bucking horses and bulls with only one hand! We witnessed a few nasty falls (the child devision was a bad idea – stay in school kids!), but overall it seemed like an awesome athletic event. Apparently there is even college-level rodeo out here #America

Check out some of our epic rodeo videos:

The rodeo really tired us out – check back tomorrow to hear about our adventures in Yellowstone!



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