Road Trip: Day 3

On day 3, we woke up in Sioux Falls ready to go (changing time zones can do that for you). This day was jam-packed with awesome stops. Check out our photos!

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Okay, Ali was ready to go, but Tori was a little sleepy this morning 🙂

Once we got on the road, we made out way to the world’s only Corn Palace, after seeing numerous billboards advertising its existence. The Corn Palace is a large building completely covered in corn. Different colored corn is used to make intricate patterns and murals on the walls. Although it was kind of corny, the palace was still a-maize-ing (you know you love these puns).

Next, we made our way to the Badlands National Park. For most of the morning, we drove through the flat, grassy plains of South Dakota. However, after a short detour off I-90, the rocky hills of the Badlands rose out of the ground before us – absolutely incredible! We took a short hike, and Ali did some off-roading climbing (leaving Tori in the dust). We even saw rams, prairie dogs, and antelope!

After the Badlands, we journeyed to Wall-Drug, the business behind the most popular billboards of South Dakota (they actually started advertising for this store 400 miles ago on I-90). Wall-Drug, which advertises free ice water and 5-cent coffee, was definitely a unique experience. It is a shopping center featuring leather goods, a Jackalope (a jack-rabbit with antelope antlers), an ice cream parlor, various buffalo patterned socks, a scary T-Rex, a mini Mt. Rushmore, and SO MUCH MORE! If you ever find yourself in South Dakota, chances are you will end up at Wall-Drug, because you can’t resist stopping by after the plethora of billboards #effectivemarketing

Next, we ventured to Mt. Rushmore (where we finally learned which four presidents are featured). We originally planned on continuing to Crazy Horse Memorial, but we were so exhausted that we decided to stop at the Desperados restaurant instead for some much needed dinner. If you are ever in Hill City, be sure to check out this restaurant – it’s so good, and it has vegetarian options!

It’s not even 10 PM, but we’re going to head to bed before our journey to East Yellowstone tomorrow (stay tuned for a potential rodeo!).

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