Georgetown Cabaret 2016

As I was sitting around on a typical Thursday afternoon, I came across this tweet:

As an avid music listener, and current Georgetown student, I was intrigued. So, like any good journalism student, I followed the story, and took an uber to the show.


So what exactly is Cabaret?

Way back in the 1970s a group of Georgetown students decided to have a variety talent show in Darnall Hall! Although the thought of hundreds of students cramming into a freshmen dorm to listen to rock music sounds strange, the show took place this year at the Black Cat on U street.

12716324_10208620256773190_8528923778379174106_oGeorgetown Cabaret shows off Georgetown University’s best rockers and has been around for over 40 years! This year the show featured ten vocalists, including members of three different a cappella groups. In addition to the singers, there were two guitarists, three saxophonists, two drummers, a bassist and a keyboardist! The musicians played a variety of songs ranging from recent pop songs to classic oldies.

That $12 ticket I paid not only allowed me to experience a great show, but it also went to charity. The proceeds of Cabaret benefited Virginia Music Adventures, a nonprofit that sponsors educational and international experiences for middle and high school jazz musicians. These young musicians keep jazz alive by acting as ambassadors that help educate the world about America’s unique musical art form.

Georgetown sophomore Lauren Paik attended the show, and even stood in the front row (pictured below). When asked about Cabaret, she instantly began to smile.

“I loved Cabaret this year! The music was great and the show was really fun. I think Georgetown gets a bad rep sometimes for being uptight and stressful, but stuff like this reminds me that Georgetown students can rock! There were some really talented musicians up on that stage tonight.”

So there you have it, Georgetown Cabaret 2016. Keep on rocking Georgetown!

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