Cherry Tree Massacre

I had the pleasure to view my fellow classmate Jane Mikus’s video she made about the 43rd annual Cherry Tree Massacre hosted by the Georgetown Chimes. Cherry Tree Massacre is the largest collegiate a cappella festival on the east coast. Hosted in Georgetown University’s historic Gaston Hall, the festival will feature all of Georgetown’s a cappella groups as well as visiting groups from across the country. Check out Jane’s video below!

Dates and Performers

  • Friday, February 5th – Georgetown Capitol G’s, Georgetown Chamber Singers, Georgetown GraceNotes, Georgetown Superfood, JMU Overtones
  • Saturday, February 6th – Georgetown Phantoms, Georgetown R.E.L., Georgetown Saxatones, GW Sirens, Duke Speak of the Devil
  • Friday, February 12th – Georgetown Saxatones, Georgetown Superfood, Georgetown Capitol G’s, Richmond Sirens
  • Saturday, February 27th (Alumni Show) – Georgetown Gracenotes, Georgetown Phantoms, UVA Sil’hooettes, UMD Generics, JHU Octopedes



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