January 28 Republican Debate Through the Eyes of a Teenage Democrat

Tonight, while my three other roommates are getting ready to go to a party, I have decided to channel my inner Bridget Jones by staying in and watching the GOP Primary Debate. With my pint of Ben and Jerry’s and my most comfortable pajamas, I am prepared for whatever Fox News throws at me.


So if you are looking for a serious, clear-cut political analysis of tonight’s GOP debate, you are in the wrong place. If you want to read about the GOP debate through the eyes of a teenage democrat, here you go:

Honestly, as a registered Democrat, I haven’t really been following the Republican candidates in their campaigns. When I found out that Donald Trump would not be part of the debate tonight I had mixed reactions. From a political standpoint, I think this Trump-less debate will allow me to get good sense of who the other candidates are and what they stand for. On the other hand, as much as I hate to admit it, a small part of me is disappointed that Trump will not be there to make his outrageous comments because sometimes they are really funny.giphy

So Who Won?

I am not going to choose a winner because I honestly do not think that this debate was beneficial for any candidate. If you ask me, every single one of these candidates showed weakness at the hand of the Fox News moderators. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if these candidates actually lost voters after this debate.

But if I had to choose, I would give the gold medal to moderator Megyn Kelly for asking tough follow up questions and never letting any candidate off the hook for flip-flopping on policy.

The Loser

To my surprise, I have found Trump a replacement, and his name is Ted Cruz. Cruz was hands down the loser of this debate because he could not keep his composure or give clear answers to anything.

Cruz started off the night with a somewhat awkward joke about Trump and it went downhill from there.

Cruz started to channel his inner Trump when it came to answering the tough questions and almost threw a tantrum when things weren’t going his way. He even threatened to walk off the stage at one point in the night.

And yet, no matter what these Republican candidates did or did not say, as the Fox News moderators called him, “the elephant not in the room”, Donald Trump still seems to triumph. Trump, who did not even participate in the debate tonight, is still leading the poles according to ABC News.


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